Midior Consulting
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Who We Are

MIDIOR's greatest assets are our people. Our consultants offer a unique combination of intellectual capital and engineering discipline together with a wealth of operational and consulting experience. MIDIOR consultants are engineers by training and entrepreneurs in practice. This means that as individuals we all sweat the complex details and have an appreciation for the elegant solution, but we are also committed to delivering results. Because we are confident in our abilities, we are willing to take risks that others won't and we are not afraid to break a few things on the path to a solution.

MIDIOR places high priority on the power of teams and the value of teamwork. We assemble delivery teams whose capabilities are always greater than the sum of their individual parts. Our clients know that we seldom accept their assumptions without at least some "questioning of the truth" - not because we are skeptics but because we want to know why. We train our teams to "understand" - not to simply "believe." MIDIOR teams pair novel approaches with frameworks and tools to deliver results that are tuned to the way you do business.

MIDIOR's founders, Susan Loconto Penta and Michael J. Goldberger, are the ultimate team. They are engineers and serial entrepreneurs and together they demonstrate the power of teamwork, offering complementary skills, experience and intellect. Susan and Michael share a keen interest in technology, a passion for products and a lack of tolerance for mediocrity. The founders' experience, success and love for what they do gives MIDIOR clients the knowledge, blueprints and inspiration to become world-class product and technology organizations.