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On the surface, market analysis may seem like an abstract or even academic concept but in practice, if done well, it informs product strategies and ensures a disciplined approach to prioritizing goals and spending. A solid understanding of a market together with well defined market segments also defines the boundaries of any opportunity and provides the foundation for any product plan or believable financial projection. At MIDIOR, we conduct market analyses designed to create insights for product teams. Whether you need a market sized and segmented or an opportunity clearly defined, our market analyses will help you drive a steady stream of products and services and achieve your revenue targets.


Market Analysis

Market & Opportunity Analysis

Hitting your numbers depends on market analyses that yield sustainable competitive advantage and a steady stream of prospects. We assess markets with an eye toward your current products as well as your future growth targets, and provide actionable and easy to understand assessments tuned for product and service teams.

Market Sizing

Market Sizing & Segmentation

Making decisions about which markets to address often depends on their total size, in terms of number of customers and revenue potential. Making a market strategy actionable, means segmenting the market in a way that sales can identify who is a potential prospect – and who is not. We leverage myriad sources of data to create quantitative models and a realistic picture of any given market’s potential. We are also expert at defining the discrete market segments that create the basis for targeted marketing campaigns and sales programs.

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