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When we are asked to help clients improve their innovation or product development track record, we often start with a quote from Thomas Edison who once said that “Most people don’t recognize opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” Innovation and new product development are not, at their core, process problems or technical puzzles but rather people and culture challenges. Successful teams recognize the obstacles to innovation, are equipped with tactics to overcome those obstacles and have the confidence and skills to take an agile approach to idea selection, product planning, development and launch. A culture that supports those teams is one that embraces risk, tolerates failure and nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset. The extent to which a company promotes risk, failure and entrepreneurial thinking will vary, but a culture that inspires teams always features some combination of these three. If you want to know whether your culture is fertile ground for innovation or would like support evolving it, give us a call-- we can provide the objective read you need to kick start this process.


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Innovation & New Product Development Culture

Innovation and new product development start with people. We will assess your culture against your innovation and new product development (NPD) objectives and design a plan that gets you to where you want to be. We will help you incorporate innovation into your company’s culture and build teams that improve your innovation track record.

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Product Management Discipline

Excellent product management is critical to product success but like glue, is often invisible, under-appreciated or misunderstood. To help our clients improve product management effectiveness, we have developed a model that distinguishes between the two sides of product management: the internal “Development & Operations” side, and the external, “Commercial” side. We work with clients to establish the right balance between internal and external activities, and infuse an entrepreneurial mindset and product-first focus into the organization.

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