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Product Organization

High-performing product development and management organizations can be structured in very different ways depending on the business and product or service portfolio. When it comes to product organizations, our experience as both product profesisonals and consultants has proven that you “cannot separate the people from the products” so thinking exclusively in terms of organization charts, hierarchies and reporting lines is a recipe for disaster. In fact, what successful product organizations have in common is more about being able to identify the right functions, map appropriate jobs to those functions and staff those jobs with exactly the right people at any given point in time. And, for product organizations to remain healthy and effective over time they must also evolve with product portfolio, business goals and corporate culture. Whether you need to assess your product organization, reorganize for growth or simply tune things up, we can help you ensure that you have a world class team.


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Product Organization Design/Health Check

To be effective over time, product organizations must be fluid and should evolve with your product or service portfolio. We take a hard look at the capabilities of your product organization in the context of your product development process, current product priorities and future business objectives. We will examine your organization at both macro and micro levels, mapping functions, jobs, roles and skills to provide a detailed assessment and specific recommendations where change is warranted.

Pricing Analysis

Product Team Support & Execution

As seasoned product professionals, we jump in and provide a skillful, extra pair of hands on your product team. We support you by doing anything a product manager would do – from market and competitive analysis to creating product plans to defining business and functional requirements – all in the spirit of accelerating key initiatives and improving bottom line performance when resources are tight.

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