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Every product development effort is unique in terms of goals, obstacles and unexpected changes in requirements that emerge along the way. Throw in the complexities of rapidly changing technologies, accelerating life cycles and vague definitions of target markets and delivering a steady pipeline of new products and services can present a real management challenge. Companies that leverage a product development process typically do better than those that rely on chaos and heroic effort to deliver results, but at MIDIOR we are agnostic to particular methodologies. Instead we recognize that the key to more effective and efficient product development has everything to do with knowing how to use whatever process is in place, together with building the right products – sometimes this is solely about getting the requirements right but more often it depends on the instrumentality of individuals and teams. We can help you speed up your development cycle, tune your existing process or define a new one to ensure your product development process is an accelerator and not a roadblock. If you want to improve the productivity and output of your product development efforts, give us a call. We would be delighted to help!


Competitive Analysis

Product Development Process Assessment

It is good practice to take a holistic look at your product development process at regular intervals to ensure it is firing on all cylinders. Whether you use gates or phases, waterfall or agile (or something in between), we will take a deep dive, exploring your process from end-to-end to establish if it is working for you. Our detailed assessments identify places for tweaks or redesign and include specific prescriptions and actionable plans to support those changes.

Pricing Analysis

Speed to Market

Imagine the impact on growth and revenue if you were 25% faster at delivering new products and services. We will benchmark your speed to market against your internal targets (or your competitors’), identify bottlenecks, establish new goals, and create a plan to get there.

Pricing Analysis

Capacity Planning

Increasing your product development output often depends on increasing your capacity. We will examine your current capacity, identify operational precedents and dependencies, create a quantitative model of the same and provide tactics for ratcheting it up.

Pricing Analysis

Product Portfolio Management & Dashboards

Your portfolio should feature a balance of “net new”, “in service” and “end of life” products and services designed to achieve your revenue goals and corporate objectives. We establish an inventory, define management reports and metrics, and create visual views to help you ensure an optimal balance between initiating, maintaining or extending, and decommissioning activities.

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