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Generating accurate requirements is the foundation for successful development, yet describing the features that will delight users in a language that provides a clear prescription for developers can be a challenge. Excellent requirements are explicit and unambiguous and straddle the line between business and technology, driving what should be built and defining what shouldn’t. They also clearly distinguish between “assumed,” ”expected,” and “delighter” functionality. Our team excels at eliciting user perspectives, translating those perspectives into requirements and organizing those requirements to drive development plans. At MIDIOR, we are ready to support your technology initiatives by translating your business needs into a language technology teams understand so they can think creatively about what is possible.


Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis

We translate plan documents and wish lists into requirements documents that are explicit, unambiguous, and feasible, distinguishing between “assumed,” “expected,” and “delighter” capabilities, in a language that technology teams understand.

Requirement Management

Requirements Management

Once your systems project is in full swing your requirements documents should become your basis for ensuring you get what you paid for, your platform for testing and post-go live, and your record of what your system does. We manage your requirements and keep them up-to-date and organized.

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